Where do writers find their ideas?

Illustration by Marco Sanfilippo (http://dribbble.com/marco-sanfilippo). Copyright © Marco Sanfilippo. All rights reserved.

Illustration by Marco Sanfilippo (http://dribbble.com/marco-sanfilippo). Copyright © Marco Sanfilippo. All rights reserved.

One of the questions writers get asked most often is: “Where do ideas come from?” The answer is… Well, there is no answer, no single answer. Ideas come from everywhere. But sometimes, somebody blurts out a perfectly good idea without realizing it and any writer within earshot picks that idea up and put it in his pocket and walks away whistling. Next time you go to eat, look around. That creepy guy at the next table, the one who’s just staring at the wall? He’s a writer. He’s listening in on your conversation, hoping you’ll drop a good idea or a snippet of interesting dialogue on the floor.

Some days ago, I was sneaking a peak at my companion’s evening reading when I have chanced upon this paragraph. To me, it was surprising enough for my boyfriend to read a proper text instead of one of his beloved comics. I’ve never imagined he would have handed me out such a truth about myself!
Back in my high school days, my best friend used to tell me she didn’t need to take a journal as long as I was around: I’ve always had a good memory, with particular regard to those tiny little facts people are so prone to forget.
Thinking about it, this paragraph should also explain why I never miss the chance to have lunch on my own in restaurants or coffees I haven’t been before. Well, I definitely appreciate that first moment when I’m not part of the scene already, so I can freely listen and watch. And take notes, of course.

The paragraph above was taken from the first issue of Proof, a comic book series created by writer Alex Grecian and artist Riley Rossmo, and published by Image Comics. So yes, in the end my companion was reading one of his comics. Obviously enough, he’s also the author of the illustration at the opening of my post: he enjoyed himself a lot with the chance to draw me listening to somebody else’s private conversation, as he have seen me since our earliest romantic dinners.

The icon on the homepage is instead a reworked version of Secret Agent designed by Emily van den Heever from The Noun Project.

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